Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes, Chicken Breast, Soup and Salad

Chicken is loved and used so much because it is very cheap and versatile and easy to cook. It can be roasted, fried, grilled or poached, and combined with most herbs and spices to add a lot of flavor to the meal. It also provides a healthy alternative to red meat and provides just under 70% of your protein needs in just 112 grams worth.

This site includes chicken recipes that I have picked up over the years; it includes those sourced from the web from various locations, and it will eventually contain lots of chicken recipes sent in from visitors to this site.

quick and easy chicken recipes

quick and easy chicken recipes

Chicken Recipes

Baked, fried or grilled, poultry meat is always a favorite! It tastes great, it’s highly versatile and it’s good for you! Why not try something new for dinner tonight?

Recipe By Cut

Whether you are serving a whole chicken or making a dinner with the breast, thigh, or drumstick, your family will love every bite, leaving very few leftovers.  If there are leftovers, however, you will soon learn that leftover chicken makes a great lunch the next day, whether you use it to make a chicken salad or simply eat it on a sandwich with a slice of tomato and a little mustard.

Recipe by meal

  • Salads
  • Sandwichs
  • Soups
  • In Crockpot
  • With pasta
  • With rice

In salads, soups or with rice, our favorite white meat is always part of a great meal. There are hundred of different ways to turn poultry meat in a perfect dish!

Make a perfect meal, every time!

Whether you make it ahead or cook it in under 30 minutes, it’s always a dinnertime favorite. Follow these tips and make something delicious every time. Hopefully, we’ll have the recipe you are looking for!

There is also a tips section that will eventually be packed full of useful cooking tips for chicken and all the different methods that can be used. Please also have a read through the food safety part as it is important and has paragraphs on handling, cooking and storing chicken.

In time, I will hopefully have lots of easy chicken recipes that are quick, simple, cheap and that can be made with various methods for all times of the day.

Why is eating chicken a good thing? Because it contains a lot of protein which helps to repair and build tissues and is a building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood – and because it’s a macronutrient, your body needs a lot of it! Protein is also needed for hair and nail growth. Your body also doesn’t make it, you need to provide it. I’m sure most of you have heard of protein shakes and whey protein. Do a search for it and you will find a lot of sites selling these because it is used for body building. A protein diet can be used for dieting also.

Vitamin B6 plays help make amino acids that build body cells, including muscles. It also helps produce red blood cells, infection-fighting antibodies, and insulin. Vitamin B6 deficiency, while rare, can occur in people consuming poor-quality diets. Signs of deficiency can include convulsions, skin rashes, depression and nausea.