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Baked Chicken Wings for Any Party

Are you thinking about adding baked chicken wings to the menu for your family dinner tonight? Are you tired of eating the same old junk you’ve been eating all month? Do you have a party coming up and you don’t want to serve the same greasy food? With how many unhealthy food options out there, do you ever find yourself trying to think of healthier meals to make for your family and friends? Trying to come up healthier, but still delicious, meals can be tough, but it doesn’t mean you need to give up the things you love the most.

Even just preparing food in different ways can make them more figure-friendly for you and the people you cook for. Chicken wings recipes are examples of options that most people associate with being unhealthy, but that is simply because of the way people think they are typically prepared. Usually, when we think of chicken wings recipes, we think of fried chicken wings recipes, because that is probably what we grew up on. We need to stop that way of thinking!

Baked Chicken Wings – Hot and Delicious!

Chicken wings can be prepared over a thousand different ways. We can also add some tasty chicken wing sauce recipes to the mix. We can barbeque chicken wings, bake them, grill them, or even braise them. Although many people think frying is the only way to prepare chicken wings, there is no reason why we “have” to fry them. Baking chicken wings is a much healthier way to still enjoy the same dish, but just enjoy it in a different way. And there are thousands of easy baked chicken wings recipes to choose from!

Not only do baked chicken wings have fewer calories than fried chicken wings—they are also easier on your wallet because they are cheaper! There is no need for all of the oil that is used for frying. And before you get sad, thinking you won’t get the crispy breaded outside of the wing just because you’re not frying them, think again! You can always choose to make baked breaded chicken wings, which are healthier than fried chicken wings, but they still give you the result of the crispy baked chicken wings.

Best Baked Chicken Wings

Best Baked Chicken Wings

If you do choose to bake your chicken wings, preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Spray a glass baking dish with non-stick cooking spray or line it with some aluminum foil. Prepare your wings by coating them with your favorite breading or sauce, and then place the chicken wings in the dish. Bake them for about a half an hour, or a few minutes longer if necessary. If you are unsure whether the chicken has been cooked thoroughly, choose one of the larger wings to cut into after the time is up. The chicken should be completely white and the juices should run clear when it is cooked completely.

After trying an original baked chicken wings recipe, you can try even more fun recipes so that everyone will ask for the chicken wings recipe at the end of the day! You can try making spicy baked chicken wings or even extra crispy baked chicken wings for added crunch and flavor! Once you make any of these options for your family, you will see that even your favorite unhealthy meals can easily be made healthier!

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