Easy and Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes

How To Cook Chicken Breast – Basic Techniques for Cooking Chicken Breast Perfectly

Chicken breast is very difficult to cook properly, though it is widely seen as the healthiest part of the chicken due to its low-fat content. If the skin is removed, chicken breast can easily become very dry, almost chalky, and if undercooked it will present the various health risks that come with undercooked poultry, including campylobacter bacteria. Undercooked chicken is notorious for its ability to make those eating it very sick. Even expert chefs struggle with how to cook chicken breast properly. Like frying an egg, cooking chicken breast is one of those areas of-of basic cookery that takes a lot of practice as it involves perfect timing and knowing how to control the heat source. It is, however, very popular, both due to the low-fat content as well as to the fact that it can be cooked very quickly.

easy chicken breast recipe

easy chicken breast recipe

How to Cook Chicken Breast Without it Being Bland

In addition to the various other difficulties of cooking it, skinless chicken breast is also naturally bland. Without the fat content of the other parts of the chicken, it lacks flavor and so that flavor must be augmented by seasoning. The cook has to figure out how to cook chicken breast in a way that will allow it to absorb the seasoning.

Cutting the chicken breast into small pieces prior to cooking. This this is suitable for stir fry dishes and for Italian pasta alfredo dishes. It can also be used for home-made chicken nuggets. Smaller pieces allow seasoning to coat a larger surface area than seasoning one large chicken breast.

Pounding the chicken breast flat is another way of achieving the same thing. This can be done with a mallet or with the blade of a knife. Simple place the chicken between two sheets of plastic wrap and pound it flat. This increases the surface area that can be seasoned.

How to Cook Chicken Breast Without it Drying Out

Cutting the chicken breast into smaller pieces allows it to cook thoroughly before it has a chance to lose all its moisture. Pounding it flat will also have the same effect. Increasing the surface area means that heat is applied to more of the meat than if it were to be cooked whole, as a result it cooks more quickly. It should be noted that using with method makes the chicken easier to overcook. Timing and heat management is essential. This is not something a cook can simply leave on the stove and forget.

Marinating a chicken breast is a good way to keep it moist. This is especially important if the chicken breast is to be cooked whole. Chicken breast is especially good when cooked on the grill, and marination is an essential part of this. Not only does it keep the chicken from drying out, it can add flavor and prevent the breast from scorching easily.

Batter frying as is done for various American-Chinese dishes like General Tso’s chicken is another way to keep the chicken from becoming dry and unpalatable. The batter seals in the juices of the chicken breast.

Figuring out how to cook chicken breast properly can be a very useful skill for the new cook as it opens up a very wide variety of healthy and tasty dishes. There are a great many recipes for dishes that call for chicken breast or that can be adapted to it.

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