Easy Chicken Dinner Ideas

Chicken in a versatile main ingredient for making dinner, as the light and tasty flavor of chicken pairs well with a wide variety of items and thus having an assortment of chicken dinner ideas can help you when you need to think up of new ways to cook and use chicken. You can serve chicken for dinner in a variety of ways, with each style being completely different as chicken work well with all types of cooking styles, regional cuisines, flavors and serving options. Some of the best ways to serve chicken for dinner use chicken as the main part of the entree and then build the rest of the meal around the chicken. Chicken dinner ideas can be created by substituting chicken in place of other meats, or by simply building dishes around chicken.

Chicken Dinner Ideas With Rice

Chicken which has been marinated and seasoned can be sauteed, baked or even pan fried to cook and then served on top of a bed of rice for a hearty and satisfying dinner option. You can play around with various flavor combination to mix up the way you serve chicken and rice. Chicken, cheddar cheese, rice, and broccoli can be baked for a fabulous casserole which is a one dish meal. You can stir fry chicken and vegetables in soy sauce and serve over white rice for an Asian style dinner. Grilled chicken served with a side of wild rice and a few steamed vegetables is an alternate option that is satisfying and nutritious.

Chicken Dinner Ideas With Pasta

Chicken is a light enough meat to be ideal for adding to pasta dishes. Chicken can be sliced thinly and sauteed in olive oil and then tossed with pasta, Alfredo sauce, and vegetables for a tasty dinner option. If you preferred the sauce with your pasta, pan fried breaded chicken, top with cheese and serve over top of spaghetti and red sauce for a chicken Parmesan dish that is sure to please everyone. You can play around with various pasta dishes and incorporate chicken into the sauce, and you can even use ground chicken for making spaghetti sauce that is tasty and lower in fat compared to those made with ground beef or sausage.

Chicken Dinner Ideas With Salad

Chicken that has been marinated in either a wet sauce or dry rub can be grilled, broiled or pan-seared to lock in flavor. Though you can serve this alongside a starch and vegetables; you can also slice down the warm chicken and create a filling dinner salad. Adding sliced chicken on top of a salad made from lettuce, onions, carrots, cabbage, chickpeas, peppers, cheese and croutons makes for good chicken dinner ideas. You can play around with various salad ingredients, and match the flavors to the marinade for a really great dinner option. One alternate way to use chicken in a salad is to use the chicken as the basis and make a chicken salad of cut up chicken, celery, onions and mayonnaise and then serve the chicken salad in lettuce bowls for a twist on chicken and salad as a dinner entree.

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