How to Cook Healthy Chicken Salad for Two Servings

You will serve a healthy chicken salad in a special day for your partner. Yes. You know that he really likes the salad. But wait. How do you cook it? And, you always have a bad experience when you are cooking. Well, do not ever think it is too depressing. You will always be able to learn if you try your best. In fact, salad is one recipe that is easy to try. You just need some basic exercises to create a delicious menu. And this time, you will choose a healthy chicken pasta salad.

Healthy Chicken Salad for Two Servings

Healthy Chicken Salad for Two Servings

But why on earth you should try it?

Check the Best Flavor 

The best reason to cook healthy chicken salad is the main course which can be very nutritious. The most important thing is the particular flavor that you can serve food while sautéing ingredients. If you are going to cook a chicken pasta salad, you can also prove that you can cook with ability as a beginner. This time, we only learn how to cook for two servings. Perhaps on another occasion, you can make up for all members of your family if this has been successful. Well, let us take a peek at the chicken pasta salad ingredients!

The Ingredients and How to Cook

First of all, you have to prepare 100 grams of lettuce that has been sliced all the way. In portions for two people, you will make a healthy chicken salad in a simple way.

Healthy Chicken Salad for Two Serving

Healthy Chicken Salad for Two Serving

They are 1 teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon of pepper powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, 50 g chives or scallions roughly chopped, 100 g minced chicken, chopped 2 red onions, chopped 1 clove garlic, vegetable oil, and 125 g of spaghetti. So, is not that so easy? You can find every option on the market. You can replace lettuce with other vegetables. However, the lettuce will always be the first choice and the best.

Now, we will proceed on how we will cook healthy chicken salad. First of all, you have to arrange lettuce and spaghetti on a large plate. Once you have done it correctly, you can sauté garlic and onion. Cook them until fragrant and dry thoroughly. Catch up with chicken and chives, stir until it changes color. Add soy sauce, pepper and oyster sauce. You will stir up their boiling. After that, lift and drain. Pour them over spaghetti and lettuce. Look, just a few minutes, you are serving a chicken pasta salad.

So, it is very simple to cook and serve. The next thing is to choose the most appropriate moment to serve it. As mentioned previously, this is a menu for two people. You can always add a portion as needed. In the meantime, you may experience a failure on the first cuisine. So, you need not be disappointed because there is always the first in the experience of cooking, especially chicken salad. Well, please taste your cuisine. Of course, do not forget to find out if people will like the cuisine. Well, that is what you can know about the recipes of healthy chicken salad for two servings.

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