How to Cook a Whole Chicken- Tips To Cooking The Perfect Bird

Even though chicken is certainly one of the staples that many families eat during meal times. Venturing into cooking a whole chicken can be quite an adventure for those new to the task. Fortunately, learning how to cook a whole chicken is actually quite a simple process that can be completed in less than an hour and a half. With the proper tools and seasoning, you can have an appetizing aroma of a well-cooked chicken streaming through your home.

whole chicken recipes

whole chicken recipes

The Benefits of Learning How to Cook a Whole Chicken

There are many benefits to learning how to cook a whole chicken. One of the most beneficial aspects is how inexpensive a whole chicken is. Another benefit is that chicken is low in cholesterol, high in protein and low in fat. For those who are focused on providing quality healthy meals for their family a whole chicken dinner definitely fits the mark.

How to Cook a Whole Chicken

The following is a simple recipe that will help you take the first step in learning to cook a whole chicken. A few items that will be needed in order to cook the chicken is a roasting pan, meat thermometer, butter, salt, black pepper, and seasoning.

Prior to placing the chicken in the oven, there are a few steps to take to properly prepare the meal. The first step is to preheat the oven to 400 F. While the oven is warming up, unwrap the chicken and take the time to remove the packets within. The packets normally consist of the neck and giblets. Rinse the chicken thoroughly inside and out with cold water. Once this has been taken care of sprinkle the chicken with a generous amount of salt, black pepper and a little bit of butter. The salt, pepper, and butter should be rubbed into the chicken to ensure even taste. Make sure to also place a pad of butter under each wing to maintain moisture. Salt and pepper are the most basic ways to season the chicken; however additional seasoning can be included to add your own unique flavor.

Once the chicken has been seasoned and the oven has warmed to 400 F, place the chicken in the oven for approximately 65 min. The chicken should be placed in a wide roaster with the breast side up. Water or chicken broth can be added in order to keep the bottom of the chicken moist.

Use the juice from the chicken and broth to baste the chicken every half an hour. The thermostat can be used to ensure that the temperature of the chicken is within range. A well-cooked chicken should be no more than 170° around the breast area and 180° for the thickest part of the thighs.

Once the chicken has finished cooking, take some time to leave the chicken standing for approximately 10 minutes prior to eating to ensure proper cooling.

This recipe is just the first step in learning to cook chicken. Your meals will never be the same if you take into consideration how many different ways a whole chicken can be made. Imagine sitting down to meals with whole chickens that have been roasted, barbecued, grilled and even fried. The possibilities are endless based on your needs.

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